E-Blue EKM072BK Mazer Type-X Black USB Blue Illuminating Gaming Keyboard

E-Blue EKM072BK Mazer Type-X Black USB Blue Illuminating Gaming Keyboard
Brand: EBLUE
Product Code: KEEBL-EKM072BK
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The gaming keyboard is designed for professional gamers. Blue illumination is released from the multi-media function keys at both ends. Users can exercise easy manipulation even in the dark. And the convertible colour keys are tailor made for users to change the keys to suit their needs.

Multimedia function keys
Multimedia function keys are installed at both ends. Blue illumination is released to let you function in the dark. Easy operation and control can be realized accordingly.

Convertible colour keys
The frequently used keys are in blue colour and they are convertible. Users can change the colour keys in accordance to their needs.

Adjustable stand
Adjustable stand is installed to adjust the height of the keyboard. It is made to fit the angle of your eyes perfectly.

Convertible colour keys
Unique silicone elastic is used in the keyboard to ensure the force is balanced in the buttons. Laser engraving technology is applied to avoid fading. Durability and resistance can be maintained.

Gaming Multimedia

USB 2.0

Number of Keys

Multimedia Keys

Key Type
Laser Engraved
Silicone elastic


Black and Blue

Blue LED illumination

Dimension (W x H x D)
508 x 64 x 254 mm

1.4 kg

Additional Features
Distinctive blue LED illumination
Silicone elastic is used to ensure striking force is balanced on the buttons
Laser engraving technology is used to minimize fading over time
Multimedia function keys are integrated on both sides of the keyboard
Adjustable stand to adjust the height of the keyboard for comfort
Drainage holes are located on the bottom of the keyboard to prevent water damage

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