PC Full Factory Restore to New

PC Full Factory Restore to New
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  • We carry out a Full System Erase and Install the most up-to-date software your Licence permits with all latest Updates included
  •  Install all the latest System Drivers to optimise your System
  • Install a range of Software Including:
  • Adobe Reader & Flash Player
  • DVD Playback Software
  • Free Office Program 
  • Install Full Anti-Virus System 
  • Install System Clean-Up Software
  • Install Anti-Malware Software 


  • Please note this process will erase any and all personal data so we recommend you back anything up before presenting for this process as we cannot be held responsible for data lost.
  • Please note once completed we will carry out a clean down of your PC but the process is not intended to improve or repair the cosmetics of your PC.
  • We do provide a Data Backup Service should you require this. Please see our Service/Repair: 'Data Recovery' section for 

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