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AF Utility Range Screen / Multi-Purpose Wipes 100 Pack
A tub of simple wet wipes for everyday grime removal from screens and surfaces. A re-sealable tub of..
Ex VAT: £0.00
ColorWay Multipurpose Double Sided Microfibre Cleaning Wipe
Our microfiber cleaning wipes are coated with our uniquely formulated anti-static and antibacterial ..
Ex VAT: £0.90
ColorWay Nano-cloth for Screen and Monitor Cleaning
Key FeaturesWe are proud to offer the next generation of cleaning cloths! Our specially designed fab..
Ex VAT: £1.26
ColorWay Cleaning Wipes for LCD and TFT Screens 100 sheets
Wet wipes are perfect for cleaning dust, dirt and fingerprints without and trace of streaking, spott..
Ex VAT: £1.49
Colorway Large Microfiber Cleaning Wipe for Screens and Electronics
The unique Microfiber combines up-to-date materials and innovative technology of ultra-dense weaving..
Ex VAT: £1.49
AF Easy-Clene Wet or Dry Cloth
AF Easy-Clene cloth was specifically developed to provide a cleaning solution for the more delicate ..
Ex VAT: £1.66
AF Large Smart Cloths  3 Pack
This super strong lint free, washable cloth is the ideal solution for cleaning all forms of smart te..
Ex VAT: £1.73
AF Utility Range Screen Cleaning Solution 250ml
A basic screen cleaning solution in easy to use pump spray bottle. For use on a variety of screens i..
Ex VAT: £1.84
AF Large Microfibre Clene Cloth
Exceptionally soft and washable cleaning cloth for removal of dust and greasy marks from all touchsc..
Ex VAT: £2.27
AF MTW025P Cleaning Wipes for Technology Devices 25 Pack
Ever thought about how many finger prints are on your smartphone or tablet? AF technology wipes are ..
Ex VAT: £2.33
ColorWay Cleaning Gel for LED/ LCD/ TFT Screens 150ml
Cleaner with napkin for LED/LCD/TFT and other types of screens. Special composition of cleaning gel ..
Ex VAT: £2.38
AF 400ml Basic Non-Invertible Sprayduster
A non-invertible economy flammable sprayduster designed to tackle dust and grime from hard to reach ..
Ex VAT: £2.40
ColorWay 2 in 1 Cleaning Set for Screens
Our simple, easy-to-use screen and monitor cleaning kit is perfect for anyone who wants to keep the ..
Ex VAT: £2.46
AF Foamclene Cleaning Fluid 300ml
Foamclene is an anti-static multi-surface foam cleaner. A powerful formulation that lifts grease and..
Ex VAT: £2.47
AF Utility Range Wet and Dry Screen Wipes 20 Pack
A value pack of wet and dry screen cleaning duo wipes for the removal of smears and dirty marks from..
Ex VAT: £2.56
AF Utility Range Desk Telephone Cleaning Wipes 20 Pack
Simple wet telephone wipes for removal of dirt on plastic surfaces of telephones. Box contains 20 in..
Ex VAT: £2.95
AF Utility Range Foam Cleaner 400ml
A basic foam cleaning solution for general purpose/workstation surface cleaning. For use with ADW050..
Ex VAT: £2.95
AF Utility Range General Purpose Absorbent Wipes
A pack of 50 budget dry wipes, perfect for cleaning common spillages in the office environment. Idea..
Ex VAT: £2.95
ColorWay Multipurpose Air Duster 500ml
Compressed gas duster in a compact can, designed for fast and effective cleaning of hard to reach pl..
Ex VAT: £3.13
AF Multi-Screen Clene Travel Pack 25ml Pump Spray and Cleaning Cloth
This multi screen clene really is all in the name. Multi screen clene in a travel kit to ensure you ..
Ex VAT: £3.30
AF Ultraclene Keyboard Cleaning Wipes 10 Pack
How often do you clean your keyboard? Sometimes there is dirt and debris that is difficult to reach...
Ex VAT: £3.71
AF 200ml Multiscreen Clene with Microfibre Cloth
This multi screen clene really is all in the name. A non-flammable, anti-static cleaning solution to..
Ex VAT: £3.76
Colorway 3 in 1 Cleaning Kit for LED/ LCD/ TFT Screens 200ml
- The kit is intended for cleaning screens and monitors all types and sizes. Ideal for computer, off..
Ex VAT: £3.89
AF Multi-Screen Clene with Large Micro-Fibre Cloth
A non flammable, anti static cleaning solution to ensure your screen is 'smear free'. Includes an AF..
Ex VAT: £4.48
AF Tech-Rescue Kit Mini
What would you do if you dropped your tech in water? An AF Tech Rescue Kit is a must have reliable p..
Ex VAT: £5.94
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